When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.
Wayne Dyer

  • ‘Disha’ the group presentation by Spanda Dance Company...was,for minds willing to think out of the box of conditioned grooves, a refreshing delight. Leela Samson’s choreography, while not for a moment straying from rootedness in the Bharatanatyam technique, explored its micro elements, for a unique interpretation of group aesthetics. One got the feeling that each movement rendered in micro perfection became a statement of aesthetics in itself....

    Leela Venkataraman in The Hindu

  • ‘Nokkam’ by Leela Samson and Spanda Dance Company was a rend setting ensemble work... Intensively technical, but looking like effortless dancing, scintillating group formations and great creative music were the benchmarks...What an abhinaya experience.”

    Prof Dr Parul Shah in

  • “The last session as part of Torch Lights was an ensemble work by Leela Samson and her Spanda group. No wonder they're referred to as a trend setting ensemble. Not a single moment and movement to be missed.”

    Ayana Perla in

  • To state that Leela Samson’s work ‘Nadi’ presented by her dance group Spanda, mesmerized the audience with its nuanced poetic sensibility, would not be hyperbole… ‘Nadi’ is a unique production.

    Leela Venkataraman in The Hindu